Friday, June 29, 2012

Is Space Exploration just Wasting Government Budgets?

In technological era, there are many countries that think big about space exploration. They spend mint of money for defraying the outer space research.  Meanwhile, people say that this project just wasting time, energy, and money. It is not useful for their life. However, I disagree with their argument.
Outer space research uses the budgets for human prosperity. The funds are used for salaries of employees. It is useful to reduce unemployment because it will make a good vocation. According to the Space Foundation, the majority of the money spent on space exploration goes toward the salaries of thousands skilled American workers who make NASA’s missions so successful. Therefore, the funds are not only cast away vainly.
Out of space research is done for viability of human in Earth. As we know, there are many things in the space, such as: planets, stars, comets, asteroids, and other. Imagine that, they will be able to threaten the earth like thousands years ago when dinosaurs was extinct caused by them. Out of space research observes the skies for dangerous asteroids and other thing. This mission tells us how we may be able to divert them for a collision or we can diminish the impact of the attack.
Out of space research may be able to help the world peace. In fact, there are internation wars in the world that hard to be solved. In outer space research, there are collaborations between many nations. International Space Station is the most evident example, the space shuttle regularly has astronauts from other nations and many robotic missions belong instruments was built by teams from many countries. As NASA is trigger happy for return to the moon, missions from Japan, India, China, and Russia are under construction.
Outer space exploration gives us many advantages that very useful for human life. It does not just wasting a lot of money fruitlessly, but the funds are used wisely either funding the space research or giving the social welfare for employees. Therefore, there are no useless in this action.