Saturday, March 5, 2011

Contoh Deskriptive - Hortatory Exposition


Sinka Island Park is one of the tourism resorts in Singkawang, West Borneo. It is a wonderful place. It is situated in 0052’2’’N 108055’7’’E in South Singkawang district 7 km from central town. We need about 20 minutes to reach this object by car, bus, or motorcycle from main road. It is not difficult to reach this place because the road is quite smooth and well-built, although the road is rather hilly.

The scenery of the Sinka Island Park is unique. It lies on the hillside, where the relief of the ground appears to be up and down on the sloping area. There are hills with various flora and fauna, and on the west, there is a beach where we can see sunset as well as seeing many fishermen come and go to the seashore. Besides, numerous big rocks and corals stand on this sandy beach. There you can even find a kind of shellfish which local people call it as ‘kumang’ children there often catch them. Finally, the most unique feature among them is an island named Simping.

Simping Island is the smallest island in the world, as noted in United Nations. It consists of sand, stones, and many trees. On the north side, there is a temple where is used to pray by some Chinese people.

Sinka Island Park provides many facilities we need. There are café, restaurant, picnic area, food stalls along the beach, a lovely swimming pool with its singing place and dragon statue designed as an ornament, a praying room beside a children playground and a restroom. There is also mini zoo downside the road. In the other side of the beach, there are about ten units water feet paddled duck that visitors can play and have fun. Furthermore, the amazing feature about this park is fried sausage vendor stand everywhere, so visitors can find and buy sausages anywhere. Eventually, we can buy some unique and reachable merchandise as a present for someone special.

Sinka Island Park is a really enjoyable tourism resort. It offers you many attractions so, if you go to Singkawang, don’t forget to visit it. I convince you that it is a good choice to have fun with your friends, family, and others. You will get addicted to it, trust me!

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