Friday, February 11, 2011

The naughty boy

Once upon a time, there was a naughty boy who didn’t have a mother. His mother was died and the naughty boy just lived with his father. His father was loved his child much, but the naughty boy didn’t show the good attitude.

One day, the naughty boy was alone at home. His father was going to the other village. Before his father went, his father said, “Lock the door my boy and wait in the home until I come back.” Didn’t know why at this day, the naughty boy did his father’s words. “I will try some different.”

The day was rained and the naughty boy heard the storm everywhere. He was very sleepy. Suddenly, there was a devil came and showed him in front the naughty boy.

“Why do you come here? Who are you?”

“I’ll eat you!”

“You will eat me? What’s my fault? I’ve never meet you before.”

“I’m there because you. I’m your fault. I’m your bad attitude that you do everyday. I’m a devil who will pick you to the hell!”

“I’m sorry. I don’t mean do that.”

And there was a fairy came.

“Be calm my angel.”

“Who are you?”

“I’m your good attitude. I’ll save you from the devil.”

The fairy fought with the devil and the finished result, the fairy was the winner.

“Okay my angel. You did your task well. You did all of your father’s words. Be a good boy and love your father.”

And the fairy was disappeared.

“Oh my boy woke up! I was coming.”

“Father, forgive me. I always show bad attitude. From now, I’ll be a good boy.”

His father was confused, but he loved very much.

Finally, they lived happily ever after.

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